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Interactives is a Startup-Company specializing in Interactive Data Visualizations , User Inferface Design and Digital Storytelling . We work with a variety of clients within News Organisations, Non-Government-Organisations, and Public Authorities , who are looking to do more with their data by translating what was complex before, into an easy to understand visual narrative.

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The best way to explore and try to understand a large dataset is with visualizations. Delivering editorial contents and analytics quickly, accurately and visually appealing through our innovative technology, as well as developing Open Data Platforms, is the core of our professional service. Given the complexity of data, using it to craft meaningful and engaging stories requires a diverse set of skills:

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The Open-Data-Platform OffenerHaushalt.at is about mapping money. The aim was to track every transaction across all 2.354 Austrian municipalities and present it in a useful and engaging way for everyone, from the interested public to municipal officials.

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General Elections Austria 2013

The maps show in which Austrian municipality a coalition holds the majority of votes. We made this visualization, because elections are not usually won by the party with the most votes. The true winners are those parties, who manage to get a majority of seats in parliament and are therefore able to form a coaltion.

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Who are we and how it all got started. Our story.

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Making complicated topics easy to grasp is what we are passionate about: From politics, to sports, to financial data - it is our goal to turn data into meaningful stories.

Interactives was founded at a time when journalism globally is undergoing significant changes, especially following the ongoing technological evolution. Media outlets have come under pressure to adapt to new realites posing important challenges for journalism. We are a group of Data Journalists dedicated to bridge the gap between newsrooms and developers. Data Journalism can be considered as a specialized branch of investigative reporting, but the majority of techniques can also be put to good use in everyday journalism. We have experience and expertise in statistics, software engineering, information design and love to tell stories.

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